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A digital marketing agency singularly focused on providing effective recommendations unique to our clients, critical thought, deep analysis and a testing mindset to bring about real results that will drive more organic traffic to their websites and get more of that traffic to purchase or become a lead.

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The most cost-effective and sustainable way to drive relevant traffic to your website.


Knowledge is power. Make sure you're tracking and making business decisions on accurate data for continued optimization.


Too often traffic comes to the site and is wasted. Let's get your traffic to do what it is that you actually want it to do.


What our clients say

Lupa Digital has been Onnit's secret weapon for SEO, CRO, paid acquisition strategy, and digital marketing analytics for years. He was essential to the success of our e-commerce business and our overall digital ecosystem & immersed himself into our company and brand and never looked back since day 1. I can proudly say that Lupa Digital's efforts were a big part of our meteoric growth story as a business and brand, including our eventual exit to Unilever in April 2021.

Nomit Shah, former CFO of Onnit Labs, Inc.

Jeremy at Lupa Digital has turned into a key player on our team. We have tapped him for SEO, digital strategy, and helping dig deep on analytics and research to find new ways for us to move our mission forward. He's been fantastic at embedding with our team and excels at working collaboratively across many departments. We have seen ROI positive results from his work at Mosie Baby!

Maureen Brown, CEO of Mosie Baby, LLC

After years of disappointing performance from other SEO “specialists” and digital marketers, CDN Publishing initially hired Lupa Digital in August 2020. Without any of the empty or broken promises, all Lupa Digital provides has been positive results & after all this time, Jeremy is as active as ever in pushing our team to improve the site for online visibility and revenue, without compromising our high standards for quality above all else.

John Feigenbaum, CEO of CDN Publishing, LLC


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Over the course of several years Lupa Digital helped to dramatically increase Onnit's unbranded organic traffic and increase revenue, all while navigating numerous algorithmic updates affecting the health and wellness space.


Lupa Digital helped a small startup introduce a novel concept into the mainstream, generating search demand where it previously didn't exist and capturing the search traffic for relevant, but other unbranded queries.


Lupa Digital worked to help CDN Publishing figure out what was holding back from driving more organic traffic, solve technical blockers and unleash strong growth that has helped fans of rare coins and collectibles everywhere find the most up to date pricing and data.

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