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Knowledge is power. Make sure you're tracking and making business decisions on accurate data for continued optimization.

Value of Analytics:

1) Making informed decisions

One of the most dangerous things your organization could do is make decisions informed by bad data. Ensuring that your analytics profiles are set up properly, tracking the right goals (custom, if you want) and without spam is absolutely critical. We will work with your team to get your analytics working in tip-top shape and monitor it on an on-going basis to mine critical insights and plot the path forward. Google Analytics is a really robust tool out of the box, but it can be very powerful when modified with custom segments as well as events and goals to tracking what your visitors are doing on the site.

2) Doubling down on strengths

Correctly identifying the areas of strength on your site will allow you to figure out how to replicate and expand upon that success. It’s incredibly easy to be overwhelmed by the sheer number of different data points and evolving features, so having an expert come in to quickly make sense of it will position your team to expand upon your winners and improve areas of weakness all while saving time and money.

3) Improving areas of weakness

Finding areas of your site that perform well isn’t everything you need to do; the truly successful sites will seek out points of friction and low performers pages/paths in order to produce growth. Rest assured that we’ll be able to find any leaks on your site and work with you to remedy them as quick and efficiently as possible so you can drive more traffic and generate more conversions, whatever they may be.

4) Finding the needle in the haystack

A simple report stating whether or not traffic has improved is not a value add to us. The value we provide is finding the needles in the haystack to uncover hidden nuggets that will actually move the ship forward. In all likelihood, your organization will have areas that perform well and others that perform less so - it’s only by analyzing the site bit by bit can we isolate the areas that need optimization and insights to fuel our path forward.

5) Don’t have the time or resources?

Not a problem! This is our bread and butter as we live this day in and day out. We can quickly diagnose issues, synthesize reports and extract insights guaranteed to provide value. We promise you’ll never have to worry about receiving another data dump with no critical analysis ever again or spend precious hours trying to learn and come up with the projects you need.

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